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New to the game

Are you new to the game or the last time you played John McEnroe was the star?  Here is how you get up to the speed and get ready to play.


Rackets generally come at three price points:

1. What you at Dicks Sporting Goods ($30)

2.  Mid range racket made by reputable company ($90-$150)

3. Top of the line ($250-$300)

For most people, the mid range is probably a good way to go.  Here are some racket ideas:

9 best rackets for beginners

With whatever racket you buy, you will want to make sure that you get the right grip size for your hand

Grip Size Guide

You will also want to consider the weight of the racket.  Heavier rackets can produce power if the person is sufficiently strong.  However, someone less prone to athletics and strength training might want something lighter

Ultimate racket weight guide

Most tennis specific stores offer some sort of racket demo program.

Seattle / Mill Creek: Avanti Sports Demos

Bellevue: Sturtevant's



Many new players show up in the most athletic piece of footwear they own: running shoes.  That is designed for forward movement and not for the lateral movement of tennis.  It is worth investing in a pair of tennis shoes.

Shoe Buying Guide

Tennis for kids

It is important to find the right racket size for your child based on their age and height.  



Kids Racket Size Buying Guide

Balls and Court Sizes

Kids should move up with balls or court sizes as they get bigger. You can use the acronym ROGY

Red (red dot): Ages 3-6

Orange (orange dot): Ages 7-8

Green (green dot) Ages 9-10

Yellow (adult ball) Ages 10+

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